Silver Jacket (Side Facing) - Pioneer Collection - IN|RIFT
A new age of virtual self expression
NFT's are surging the transformation of creative virtual fashion into a wearable reality.

IN|RIFT creates virtual collections on the cusp of the Metaverse and at the intersection between Fashion and Gaming Technology.

The genesis of a NewGen Luxury Virtual Fashion movement has begun.
IN|RIFT is playing a pivotal role bringing pioneering Brands and their consumers into this new realm of self expression and Digital asset ownership.

Join IN|RIFT now as we journey towards experiential styling, creative, inspired and share experiences

Dawn of your possibilities
Dawn of your possibilities
  • Collect the highest quality wearables
    Through drop, you will get high-quality 3D wearables from a wide range of artists, partner brands or from our own creation. Each wearable will have a level of rarity and be linked to a utility gradually in our development phases.
  • Next-gen Avatar
    We imagine a parallel world where the IN|RIFT Avatars are going to be your metaversal self. Unleash your Avatar's full potential by dressing like you never could IRL, scarcity will be the key to unlocking the full potential. It will be developed in a later development phase.
  • Show your finest pieces to the entire world
    Make your followers jealous by showing off your collection. First people will envy you browsing your inventory, later they will die to get the collection your 3D avatar is going to wear.
  • Amazing Benefits
    The pieces collected in your inventory and then worn on your avatar will become the key to unlock real-world exclusive benefits. IN|RIFT designers, partner Artists and Brands are craving to make you live money can’t buy experiences…
  • ”Digital Trading”
    We will bring to life a 'Digital Wearables Marketplace'. We built a bidding room once in another life -see crew-, we will do it again. We do like surprises, and we guess that you do too; we do not want to reveal too much about it this early.
How magic is created…
How magic is created…
We will run our project from day one on Flow blockchain. Flow is at the edge of our vision with it's PoS architecture; less energy consumed for our planet, less expensive to mint and store, more fluidity in transactions.
Non-Custodial Believers
Fully Decentralized
Scalability and Eco-Efficiency
More than a simple Community: We are a Legion