IN|RIFT gave birth to Rifters
IN|RIFT gave birth to Rifters
Rifters are pioneers and bold explorers
of the metaverse.

Rifters are on a mission to merge virtual and physical experiences by forging into NFTs, a real world utility.

We see NFTs as means for a broader project than collection; we have the ambition to be seen as pioneers in creating new consumption mechanisms.

Rifters will live through several generations, the first one (Gen-1) being composed of 3.500 privileged members:

I|R-0001 to I|R-3500

Rifters are (digital) fashion addicts, die-hard collectors and party animals.

We may be seen as slow to start, as what we have in mind requires sweat, tears and blood to come to life. However, we can guarantee you one thing: we are here to stay and make you live an awakened dream.

Born to create a bridge between digital and physical Experiences, dress the Metaverse, push limits & unleash possibilities together.

Signed: I|R-0001

Main mechanisms
Asian women with chinese letter led lights over her face showing a praying pose with her hands
Main mechanisms
Main mechanisms
Main mechanisms
Main mechanisms
Main mechanisms
  • Items

    IN|RIFT items will be high quality 3D wearables NFTs, made by our team, artists and partner brands. Each item will be minted on Flow blockchain.

    In our smart-contract, you will have one IPFS link packaged with: original 3D files, PNG renders, a video turntables. Each item will be wearable that can be dressed in a 3D avatar later in our development.

  • Drops

    IN|RIFT unleashes its power in the Metaverse by Dropping Items. A drop contains several 'Riftboxes', each Riftbox contains one Item. All drops are time limited and will reveal their items when all Riftboxes are sold or when the time limit of the Drop has been reached.

  • Scarcity

    "The rarest, the hottest", period. Each item will have a rarity level:

  • Utility

    Linking a utility to NFTs is our core mission, as we started in this ecosystem with the ambition to bridge virtual and physical experiences.

    Each one of the items distributed by IN|RIFT will be linked to an utility, giving you benefits within our ecosystem or with our partners brands.
    Our ultimate goal is to offer you "money can't buy" experiences, but Please note that considering the complexity (partnership & legal mainly), do not expect us to send you to Mars with Elon with our first drop.

    Be patient & indulgent regarding our development phase. We want to do things right, and it takes time.

    Also, we consider retroactively rewarding the first generation of items' holders with benefits. It seems to us to be the ferer thing to do with our first believers

  • Vouchers

    We created vouchers in order to run our project in a non-custodial and secure way. When buying a loot box from a Drop, you first receive an IN|RIFT voucher. When the Drop solds-out or ends, your voucher will be exchanged for an item from the drop.

    Randomize attribution:
    In order to maximize the fun and give each Rifter equal chances objects are randomly attributed to voucher's holders. We will share more details about how it works.

    As a guarantee of the impartiality of our mechanism please note that our algorithm and smart contract has been (and must be) audited and validated by the Flow blockchain team before we are allowed to push anything on the main net.

  • 3D Avatar

    A 3D avatar will be released later in our proiect. At first, you will only be able to collect and store Items. All avatars will have a serial number and be part of a generation.

    'Pioneer' will be the first generation and live from serial numbers I|R-0001 to I|R-3500. Other generations are not born yet.

    • Avatar will be 3D, with a Gen number, traits, levels... we want to go much deeper than what we see today. More to come soon.
    • Avatar and wearable are two separate things; at our release you will only be able to collect wearables, avatars being dropped later in our development phase.
    • Few avatars will be reserved to IN|RIFT team and for giveaways.